Serious Factory announces the release of its VTS Editor™ authoring software, designed to develop training simulators

  25 April 2016 |  La rédaction  VTS Editor news

Suresnes, 26 April 2016 – After an intensive industrialization phase with its customers and partners, Serious Factory is releasing the authoring version of its Virtual Training Suite™ (VTS) software. Aimed at instructional designers, e-learning project managers and training consultants, this particularly intuitive tool enables the design of educational simulation-type scenarios in record time and at a lower cost. The simulations produced are ever more realistic and engaging and are already contributing to the success of numerous training sessions.

There are many ways to learn and acquire knowledge (classroom training, e-learning modules, Serious Games, MOOCs, etc.). In spite of the quality of these teaching methods, these solutions rarely enable the acquisition of the type of skills which are only acquired by regular training and practice every day. The result: almost everything is forgotten a few weeks later.

To address this problem, Serious Factory has been developing training simulators for many years which finally enable learners to put theoretical teaching into practice in realistic situations which are very close to their everyday experience at work. These simulators, which until now have been custom developed for its clients, can now be produced quickly and easily by designers using VTS Editor™ authoring software.

Difficulty of updating the training content, obsolescence of traditional e-learning technologies (Flash), lack of efficacy of devices…: VTS Editor™ meets the challenges of a market that, more than ever, needs a tool that combines expertise in instructional design, ergonomics and immersive learning1.



VTS Editor™ enables the design of immersive and realistic training materials in record time and at lower cost 

for face-to-face training with interlocutors whose speech and gestures evolve in real time depending on the situation.


Easier handover and high speed creation

With its intuitive graphic editing mode and easily configurable blocks, the designer can set up rich educational scenarios in record time, composed of scenes with realistic backgrounds and avatars with reactions that change in real time. The result is compatible with many platforms (PC, Mac, Windows, HTML) and meets the requirements of LMS via export to native SCORM.

With VTS Editor™, designers can:

• Choose an environment that’s suitable for their business problem in a wide range of surroundings;
• Choose one or more avatars for a scene, from a dozen realistic animated characters;
• Design non-linear scenarios and manage the random element of the user;
• Manage interactions with the avatars using numerous configurable functional blocks;
• Enrich the scenarios with multimedia elements (video, audio, sound);
• Insert documents that can be consulted gradually during the simulation;
• Import their own voices, or studio voices;
• Access an automated quality voice-generation service.


From the statistics point of view, VTS Editor™ includes a powerful tool for monitoring knowledge and skills. Depending on the goals set by the designer, both trainers and managers can thus analyse the increase in skills of users and determine individual or group corrective actions.

Immersive learning and behavioural simulators have a reputation for being too expensive or taking too long to deploy. Serious Factory has designed VTS Editor™ to finally make them available to companies and designers. There is a new era beginning in the world of digital learning, and our customers are well aware of that.” says William Pérès, CEO of Serious Factory.

To Christian Gayton, Director of Serious Factory’s Digital Learning, “VTS Editor™ will finally enable the industrialization of the production of contents that differ from traditional branching scenarios, and plunge the user into an immersive environment closest to his reality. This is a big step towards the creation of solutions dedicated to skills growth.

Guillaume Ruzzu, Head of Marketing and Communication
Direct line: (+33)1 70 71 98 43

1. See Serious Factory’s white paper: “Immersive learning: the missing link in professional training