Serious Factory is pleased to announce the release of the 2.2 version of its VTS Editor authoring software

  19 January 2017 |  La rédaction  VTS Editor news

Suresnes, 19 January 2017 – Serious Factory announces that the version 2.2 of VTS Editor, its authoring software for the design of value-added Digital Learning devices (immersive Serious Games, realistic simulations) is now available. Fully answering the needs of training and HR organizations both functionally and for the quality of produced simulations, Serious Factory now offers new interaction solutions with learners and enhances user experience.



Serious Factory’s powerful authoring software is a reference worldwide

Honoured as the best HR startup 2016, Serious Factory’s innovation policy is ongoing aimed at systematically meeting instructional designer expectations and of those involved in training/HR. Ranked in the world’s best e-learning authoring software according to the Bsoco reference classification, VTS Editor contributes true value-added to training programs: a focus on the implementation of knowledge and skills.

Developed by the Serious Factory’s simulation specialists and instructional experts, VTS Editor enables the design of increasingly high-performance training devices for learners:

–    Realism of virtual characters to facilitate interactivity;
–    Immersion in virtual environments to improve commitment;
–    Highly realistic situation simulations to enable more efficient personal training and development of skills.

William PERES, CEO of Serious Factory, ”With the 2.2 version of VTS Editor, we have enabled a whole new set of designers, with no specific technical or graphical knowledge, to create unique design simulations so as to ultimately offer learners relevant and effective training experience.”

Intuitive software favouring designer creativity

Among the great new features of 2.2 prioritizing simplicity and the quality of user experience, Serious Factory has improved the interface in order to contextualize user projects. This enables multicultural training and coaching contexts to be easily created using the geographical and linguistic situations setup. The result is a true harmonization of skills and good business practices for organizations of world scope.

With enhanced language management and a new interface for virtual characters, VTS Editor allows designers to optimize time devoted to creation in order to focus on scenario variation and the instructional efficacy of projects.

The software lends itself to increasingly more realistic simulation situations

The 2.2 version integrates new functional units and offers designers numerous possibilities to enhance their instructional contents:

–    Easy and optimized management of internal resources (inventory) and external resources (url) to dynamically provide greater content for the unfolding of the scenario;
–    The “Front Media” unit to display external media contributions (pictures or videos) in any scene;
–    The possibility of integrating videos in scenes.
Serious Factory has also worked on the compatibility of its simulations with other systems on the market. Produced contents can now be disseminated on iPad and are xApi-compatible. The latter enables upward feedback of the qualitative and quantitative statistics of each learner’s trajectory.

Version 2.2 also improves the dissemination of the content of any media (PC, MAC, iOS, Web) thanks to the simultaneous release of a new application: VTS Player. This autonomous application facilitates the deployment of developed projects on a large scale.