A better interactivity to serve the development of competencies : The 3.0 version of VTS Editor is finally out!

  26 October 2017 |  La rédaction  VTS Editor news

Allowing users to design simulators and Serious Games in record time, Serious Factory is releasing version 3.0 of its VTS Editor authoring software onto the Digital Learning market. This new version was created with the publisher’s existing customers in mind, designed to appeal to learning designers and engineers; the redesigned user interface now offers even more intuitive and efficient use, keeping the focus on teaching methods. For end users, VTS Editor offers greater interactivity, ensuring that users are increasingly involved in putting their knowledge into practice. Its deployment has also been optimised for compatibility with all LMS platforms on the market.

Top priority: a controlled and simplified deployment

For web deployment (SCORM or otherwise), the modules produced in Version 3.0 are significantly reduced in size, as is the memory required for compatible browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari). This optimisation ensures optimal deployment for even a very large number of learners. For other deployment configurations, the Serious Factory technical experts will help you to find the best approach to ensure an optimal learner experience and streamline your day-to-day management.

Serious Factory has also improved the VTS Player application, allowing for the easy deployment of the Serious Games created, including onto iOS and Android tablets for both online and offline use. The learner is able to try the simulation as many times as necessary without redownloading the content. The financial savings in terms of bandwidth are significant.

If you use an LMS, set-up is very straightforward. In 3 clicks, you can export a SCORM package that is compatible with the LMS platform of your choice. The first customers to be provided with the new version of VTS Editor have already been producing their own Serious Games and hosting them on the various LMS available on the market: Syfadis, WBT xPertTeam, MOS Chorus, 360 Learning, Crossknowledge, Cornerstone or Moodle. Serious Factory’s integration experts guide customers through the compatibility testing phase, from concept to publication.


Interactivity and involvement: the keys to success in developing learner skills

From the eLearning Guild to the University of Cambridge, many studies show that learners who have participated in a gamified and interactive learning experience make faster progress than those in traditional training courses:

– + 14% on the actual skills assessed;
– + 11% on the knowledge acquired in the training course;
– + 9% retention of all content provided.

In addition to the immersive nature of its simulators, with 3D scenes and intelligent virtual characters, Serious Factory offers new assessment questionnaires and the creation of clickable areas within the educational scenarios. The designer now has 9 interaction blocks at their disposal, offering the learner a wide variety of assessment types.


Configuration of interactive and clickable areas in the VTS Editor authoring software

This results in real interaction with the learner, which not only makes it possible to verify skill acquisition, but also to encourage involvement. Learners are therefore more motivated, allowing them to better retain educational content. In terms of the immersive simulations, combining interactivity and involvement multiplies the efficiency of the tools produced using VTS Editor.

Supporting the designer to enable the fast and streamlined creation of Serious Games

The ergonomics have been revised to allow for access to the parameters and personalisation of the educational scenario at any time. Much like Mind mapping software, links are used to mark the designer’s path, facilitating the creation of simulators. With an optimised design process and improved performance, without ever entering a single line of code, the VTS Editor authoring software is set apart by its innovative positioning techniques: you don’t need any special technical or graphic design skills to create a Serious Game in record time!

What customers are saying about VTS Editor

Whether it is employed for educational purposes or to develop good management practices, the VTS Editor authoring software is increasingly popular in a variety of professional contexts and the education sector. With regard to management, Learning Concept, a business specialising in increasing the skills of middle managers, has now incorporated Serious Factory’s innovative educational solutions into their approach for fast, fair and relevant management training.

Learning Concept explains that “it can create and modify modules with complete autonomy. The company now has more than 40 on the theme of management, and is in the process of translating them into different languages and adapting them to different contexts, which is particularly easy with VTS Editor.”

Similarly, the ORT, a group of 8 schools and training centres in France, adds that “VTS Editor represents the ideal technological solution, with real educational and technical project support in collaboration with Serious Factory experts.”