Serious Factory on the road to 2017 GESA’s final in London city

  19 December 2017 |  La rédaction  Serious Factory News

Serious Factory is proud to announce its qualification as a world finalist at Global EdTech Start-up Awards 2017. The expert of innovative pedagogical solutions is selected with 15 other companies among an initial pool of 650 start-ups located in more than 70 countries. Thanks to its authoring software VTS Editor, Serious Factory aims to democratize the art and use of educational immersive contents on top of new training methodologies such as the flipped or even reversed classroom.



GESA 2017: A golden opportunity to democratize the art of Serious Games

The Global EdTech Startup Awards (GESA) is the most important worldwide competition for start-ups in the education industry. The best projects in competition will be awarded a price pool of 50 000$ and multiple business opportunities. Already award winner in the European and French competition, Serious Factory reaches the worldwide final to defend the French Colours of European Edtech in London the 23rd of January 2017.


Serious Factory, pioneer of pedagogical innovations to serve the Education

The morning before Bett Show 2018, the GESA award is the perfect occasion for Serious Factory to shine on the worldwide scene with its authoring software VTS Editor. Unique on the education market, VTS Editor is the only authoring software able to set up new methodologies such as Flipped or reversed classroom.

Used by the teacher, it allows to prepare a broad range of simulations going from quick videolearning to complete and complex Serious Games.
Used by students, it helps to formalize knowledges and transform them into a core set of competencies and behaviours. Thanks to a very intuitive ergonomics, students can also design Serious Games themselves to show teachers what they learnt.

Many universities and schools in France already stepped through

Serious Factory already works with more than a dozen of schools, universities and professional training facilities. True actor on the educational scene, ORT, a group of 7 establishments in France, designed more than 40 immersive simulations thanks to the authoring software VTS Editor. This true sales academy allows opticians students to practice in realistic conditions a subject usually underestimated in their field: How to be a good salesperson. Thierry Sebagh, General Director of ORT specifies that “VTS Editor appears to be the ideal technological solution with a real pedagogical and technical support when collaborating with Serious Factory’s experts”.

The choice of “flipped classroom” was a successful bet for Albert De Mun. VTS Editor allowed high school students to design their own simulations. They managed to materialize their professional experiences acquired during their internships as realistic simulations and give these projects to past promotions. This allows a complete turnaround of roles: The student becomes the trainer and prepares himself for his future tasks of management. Take a look at our interview of Fabrice Rio, Director of Innovation (in French), who explains the successful integration of Serious Games in its educational curriculum.

With the support of FEDER, Serious Factory carries on with its innovative policies to develop learner’s competencies to be better prepared for their future jobs.

Rendez-vous the 23rd of January 2018 in London for the announcement of the world wide final of GESA  2017 at 5:30PM at Mindspace, 114 Whitechapel High Road
You can also register for free on their website to attend.

And while you wait, you can still download for free our trial version.