Serious Factory participates in the #rmsconf contest to democratize 3D simulation for Human Resources

  22 October 2018 |  La rédaction  Serious Factory News

Serious Factory participates in the #rmsconf contest with its authoring software VTS Editor. Its promises are simple: The creation of 3D educational content such as Serious Game without technical or graphic skills. And to democratize 3D simulation, one thing to do: vote for Serious Factory and its authoring software!

#rmsconf, the Human Resources meeting point

#Rmsconf, the must-attend event of the Talent Experience, is starting its 8th edition on the HR theme “Work or Employment, who will win? ». Conferences, debates and Barcamps will animate this day, accompanied by its “Startups challenge”. Serious Factory is proud to participate in this event to democratize the art of Serious Game and 3D simulation.

Training for all, on any platform

William Perès, CEO of Serious Factory, sums up in this sentence the paradox of professional training but also the reason for Serious Factory’s existence:”[…] only a tiny part of employees access training, and very often, they are not primarily those who need it the most because they are too numerous”. This is the very reason for the development of VTS Editor. Indeed, an intuitive tool, multi-platform development and a reduction in costs and production times are the recipe for making training accessible to all.
Find his complete video testimony:

For this tool to be a real success, you only have to vote by clicking on the heart until September 2 for Serious Factory !

And you can still download our trial version of VTS Editor to start creating your own 3D simulations