Avatar rebellion: the Very Terrifying Story

  23 October 2018 |  La rédaction  Playable scenario

23 October 2018, Serious Factory headquarters: an alert sounds. The avatar world of VTS Editor is a victim of a robotic rebellion. Rare images have been captured and it seems that 2 Machiavellian machines are at the origin of it. To be continued.

<h3>The rebellion of the machines is in progress, it is up to us to stop it!</h3>

At the risk of his life, our head of the Avatars department managed to capture the protagonists of this rebellion on video. We want to assure you that all our teams are working hard to restore peace among the Avatars. We will keep you informed of further developments no later than 31 October 2018.

If you would like to help us investigate, you can now download our trial version of VTS Editor: