Halloween Serious Game: The Very Terrifying Story!

  7 November 2018 |  La rédaction  Playable scenario

Immerse yourself in the terrifying world of VTS Editor with this new experience specially designed for Halloween: Very Terrifying Story. This humorous simulation filled with cultural references & easter eggs perfectly illustrates the potential of the author software: game mechanics, gamification techniques, universe creation…. So let your imagination run wild and make the player in your learners emerge again!

A scenario to open your chakras on gamification

Did you like “Dr. Lidenbrock’s Machine”? For this Halloween 2018, we are offering you a short prequel in the form of the Serious Game “Very Terrifying Story”! Will you be able to save the source code of VTS Editor?

The simulation scenario : Kyle and S73V3, two evil robots want to release a virus in the source code of VTS Editor. You wake up aboard their ship and have to investigate to avoid disaster!

This unique experience was entirely realized with the authoring software VTS Editor with only one goal in mind: go further in the interactivity and engagement of the learners thanks to a maximum advanced gamification. AI de Morpion, Simon’s game or puck game… so many tests to reuse in your training modules!
Two levels of difficulty are available thanks to the ease of duplication and editing a project on VTS Editor.
The hardest level of difficulty affects:
– The random generation of clues according to the room in which you are located
– The complexity and length of the tests
– A more subtle and less tutored scripting

This experience has been specially designed to be deployed on any platform (PC, tablet or smartphone…) using our free VTS Player application. With a simple click, the experience can be downloaded into VTS Player without the need for an account, and can then be played with or without an Internet connection! To do this, you can select “Go” to the home screen and go to the “Session” section then “VTS Demonstration”. Remember to update your VTS Player to version 3.1.8 if you have not already done so!


You can also live this experience online, on your web browser*:


Characters or life !

Halloween wouldn’t be a party without a gift! We could have offered you virtual candy, but we thought that exclusive characters would convince you more not to cast a spell on us!
3 new characters can be downloaded in several places in the scenario (Game Over, Credit or upon victory):
– Kyle, the robot
– S73V3, the other robot
– Spooky, Nathan’s skeleton!
You can then use them freely in all your simulations, including in the VTS Editor trial version available at the following link:

On PC and MAC, for an optimal gaming experience, it is preferable to play the simulation in the following web browser configurations: Mozilla Firefox (version 42 or higher), Google Chrome (version 46 or higher), Microsoft Edge (on Windows 10, version 13 or higher) and Apple Safari (on macOS 10.8 or higher). Compatibility with Internet Explorer is not effective. Please note that your machine must meet the system requirements for VTS Player (3D card, RAM…), and that your Internet connection is fluid.