Gamification to revolutionize education !

  28 March 2019 |  La rédaction  Digital Learning News

With its impressive growth in the education market in the recent years and an expected growth from USD 450 million in 2018 to USD 1,800 million by 2023, it is clear that gamification is not only arriving, but is here to stay. With the newer generations of students, education as a whole needs to be reinvented. Born with technology in the palm of their hands and raised by the internet and video games, it is no wonder that the today’s engagement level in traditional classrooms is close to none. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Gamification to make the learning process filled with excitement and interest

Gamification is about applying game concepts and designs to other areas, such as education. Thanks to gamification and e-learning, educators can create educative content that is both pedagogic and fun, massively increasing the learning experience of students as well as their retention of information. Just like learning how to draw or play hockey, making education fun makes it more interesting for students to focus on the learning material and try their hardest to master it. But gamification is also about rewarding students in their progress, making them more engage in what they do, and motivate them to get “to the next stage” by overcoming the challenge. Educators need to embrace those new technologies and see gamification not as a distraction, but as a mean to make education more enjoyable and memorable. After all, if learning to draw is fun, why should learning history be any different?

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