Virtual Training Suite Tutored Sales Presentation: A Demonstration for Learning

  3 June 2019 |  Léa Renault  Serious Factory News

Serious Factory offers you the opportunity to explore the different software of Virtual Training Suite through a scenario – available here – which will immerse you in an interactive and educational experience. Put yourself in the shoes of a learner, let our virtual presenter guide you step by step and discover the full potential of VTS Editor and gamification. You’ll also learn how to deploy and play your Serious Games with VTS Perform and VTS Player software.

The simulation scenario: The aim is to discover and explore Virtual Training Suite through experimentation. Indeed, at the border between a commercial presentation and a tutorial, the scenario will explain how to use the different blocks as if you were in front of the creation interface.
You can live this experience online, on your web browser*:

Or by downloading our free VTS Player app and following the instructions provided.

An innovative format: a tutored presentation to meet the challenges of knowledge retention

The experience takes the form of a demonstration with a tutorial function in which you will discover the different software of Virtual Training Suite:

VTS Editor: The authoring software that allows you to create your own Serious Games.
VTS Perform: The platform to distribute your Serious Games created with VTS Editor on all devices (Windows & Mac computers and iOS & Android smart devices).
VTS Player: The software to access content deployed with VTS Perform on your devices.

The schema used is a linear but interactive presentation of the Virtual Training Suite. The learner will be confronted with the possibilities offered by the suite in terms of gamification and diffusion. The interest of linking demonstrations and tutorials for you and your learner is to develop their skills in total immersion while effectively capturing their attention. For example, changing the setting or scene can break the monotony of the simulation and capture the learner’s attention longer. Recent studies have shown that the average attention time of a person is 8 secondes. Concerning learners, their attention drops by 80% after 10 minutes of PowerPoint presentation. It is then obvious that passive reading of dialogues on the same background is the best way for him to get out. Making the experience interactive becomes the best way to retain the desired information.

Enhance the interactivity of learners to boost knowledge learning….

… By customizing their Serious Game

VTS Editor is the essential authoring software of Serious Factory. It allows you to easily create scenarios that can be modified and reused over and over again. You can see the customization options provided by the software from the beginning of the demonstration. The Serious Game adapts to the name and society (and other details if it had been created that way) provided by the learner. The learner is thus integrated into the discourse of the experience from the beginning and develops a feeling of closeness with the characters, impacting his retention of knowledge. This is made possible, effortlessly, thanks to the “Form” block.

… By integrating voices in the experience

The demonstration is a real first experience for the learner because it is about learning the basics of the software while experiencing the purpose of a scenario. From beginning to end, virtual characters help them with the basics of using VTS Editor, exploiting its pedagogical value.
The presenter thus teaches the learner to perform a skit. The blocks used to achieve a simple yet realistic dialogue are the “speak” and “emotion” blocks. The “speak” block makes it possible to develop verbal communication between at least 2 people. The “emotion” block makes it possible to interpret non-verbal communication between several interlocutors and improve the learner’s soft skills.

The dialogue can be done with or without a voice. Indeed, after writing the dialogues of the scene you will have the possibility to vocalize them using your own voices or synthetic voices for a few credits. Using voices in your script ensures the relevance of your storytelling by adding a specific vocabulary or accent. This is very practical in linguistic simulations for example.

… By playing with the environment

Click on the button to pour water in the cup.

The presenter explains that you will be able to use your environment to create immersive experiences. By using VTS Editor you will have the possibility to use 360° environments that the learner will be free to browse during the scenario. These sceneries are all the more effective if the experience is coupled with a virtual reality headset: your view changes according to your head movements.

360° environments as well as fixed sets can be used in combination with certain blocks to make the scenario interactive and boost gamification mechanisms. For example, by associating a decor with the “foreground” and “clickable zones” blocks, you can create “touch & click” interactions: grab and fill a glass of water, take keys and open a door, grab documents on a table, … The possibilities are endless.

Virtual Training Suite: the value-added software suite for your digital training

With a rapidly growing demand and a global market worth nearly $2,731 million in 2016 that is expected to reach $9,167 million by 2023, Serious Games are the solution to revitalize your training strategies and also your business strategies.
Using Virtual Training Suite allows you to:
– Offer useful, relevant and entertaining content to meet the needs of your customers and employees.
– Increase the engagement level of learners and the retention of information.
– Accelerate your digital transformation with accessible, powerful and intuitive tools.
– Be able to learn anywhere and at any time thanks to Blended and Mobile Learning.
– Put all the chances on your side to promote a positive ROI by supporting your customers in their approach to Digital Learning.
Would you also like to create your own tutored sales presentation? Download the trial version of VTS Editor or contact us directly if you would like to be accompanied in the process.

*On PC and MAC, for an optimal gaming experience, it is preferable to play the simulation in the following web browser configurations: Mozilla Firefox (version 42 or higher), Google Chrome (version 46 or higher), Microsoft Edge (on Windows 10, version 13 or higher) and Apple Safari (on macOS 10.8 or higher). Compatibility with Internet Explorer is not effective. Please note that your machine must meet the system requirements for VTS Player (3D card, RAM…), and that your Internet connection is steady.