Serious Factory and Thales Group partner up to create Serious Games for the purpose of Immersive Learning around HSE politics

  4 June 2019 |  Léa Renault  Serious Factory News

June 4th 2019, Paris – Serious Factory implemented an innovative co-construction approach with Thales Group in order to ease the design of realistic 3D simulations. Through an agile design process, Thales Group’s business experts teamed with Serious Factory’s experts in education and gamification, to develop immersive training simulations using the VTS Editor authoring software, Serious Factory’s flagship product.

Numerous issues at the heart of the Group’s Hygiene, Safety and Environment (HSE) strategy were addressed by this approach. The aim was to provide all employees with a safe and healthy working environment on their own sites and sites with a goal of preserving the environment while also preventing the risk of pollution, in compliance with the legal provisions in effect.

Serious Game and awareness of HSE policy

“Destination Proxima Thalesio“ is the Serious Game Thales group has devised and developed with Serious Factory’s authoring software to educate their employees on the HSE policy. As regulations and guidelines for waste treatment are constantly evolving, Thales has developed a Serious Game to educate and train its employees. This Serious Game is based on the WEEE directive relating to Waste treatment obligations for Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) as part of the energy transition law. In order to raise awareness about end-of-life waste management, Thales has recreated a realistic immersive universe on a fictional planet where the aim is to avoid reproducing the errors made on planet Earth, which has become too polluted and uninhabitable.
Thanks to the “fun” elements and support of virtual coaches living on the planet in need of protection, learners receive messages and become agents of change in accordance with the Group’s proactive policy on environmental protection issues.

Winner of the 1st ever VTS JAM competition

For the launch of “Le Village by Serious Factory” Serious Factory’s community platform, Serious Factory organised a first competition at the beginning of the year, VTS Jam. Using the authoring software VTS Editor, candidates had a month to create a 3D simulation with the theme of their choice. Thales’ Data & Technical Lab team, composed of Marc-Henri Marius, Julie Devaux and Samuel Formez, brilliantly won this competition with the futuristic and immersive Serious Game on waste treatment at the end of life.

Marc-Henri Marius, Digital Learning Manager, shares his design experience with VTS Editor just below:
Thanks to this software, we were able to deal with complex awareness topics such as end-of-life waste treatment of electric or electronic type equipment in an efficient and fun way. The tool allowed us to easily create a personalized graphic universe and an original script to communicate on strategic topics for the Thales group such as recycling, maintenance and repackaging.


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