In the spotlight: promoting professional integration with the introduction of innovative educational tools

  30 January 2020 |  La rédaction  Immersive Learning News

Digital Cocoon is a laboratory school created 3 years ago with one motivation: to make their students in professional reconversion gain self-confidence and find innovative solutions to their problems of employment and professional activities… while increasing their ability to share, cooperate and communicate. For this new “Spotlight”, please discover their “SVP” (Educational Video Scriptwriter) career path, which trains Instructional Designers 2.0 to use VTS Editor, our authoring software.

Designers 2.0

To make their learners as effective as possible, Digital Cocoon pushes them to master the entire production chain of educational content, from the creation of the storyboard (scriptwriter) to operational design. This implies mastering authoring tools such as VTS Editor which allow their learners to differentiate themselves in a very competitive market. Indeed, they can offer innovative and sophisticated digital devices that can be produced in perfect autonomy! True 2.0 designers!

A pedagogy based on 3 main pillars

The pedagogy used by Digital Cocoon is based on 3 main pillars.


Digital Cocoon learners work immediately in “project” mode to be quickly confronted with the reality of the company. This encourages collaboration and prepares them as well as possible for their future missions as project managers.

Social Learning

Thanks to the heterogeneity (in terms of gender and age) advocated by Digital Cocoon, their learners learn from each other’s experience. This fosters a culture of the learning society that is highly anticipated by today’s companies.


The key word in project management required by companies, agility is omnipresent at Digital Cocoon. A very dense training course over a short period of time that requires working in successive iterations to minimise waiting and validation times!

If you too want to become a Designer 2.0, whatever your age and experience so far, go to the Digital Cocoon website and don’t hesitate to download the trial version of VTS Editor!