In the spotlight : How SantéGuideur has been able to adapt to the constraints of medical training with Virtual Training Suite

  12 November 2020 |  Léa Renault  Interview

SantéGuideur is a CPD training organisation. It offers training based on Immersive Learning for all healthcare professionals. In this interview, Jean-Michel Refalo, founder and director of SantéGuideur, explains how he has managed to adapt to the demanding and apparent constraints of the health professions.

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A successful digital transition with VTS Editor

In this interview, Jean-Michel Refalo explains the main constraint of vocational training in the health sector: lack of time. Health professionals today show a growing need to train for their profession. However, they are finding it difficult to free up the time needed to attend face-to-face training. These require them to leave their practice for one or more days, which is sometimes not possible. Virtual training then becomes the best alternative both pedagogically and logistically.

This is why the training organisation SantéGuideur, ex-PharmaGuideur, has decided to transform its training offer digitally and to invest in Immersive Learning. Indeed, by choosing Virtual Training Suite and its authoring software VTS Editor, the organisation can design immersive training courses with high pedagogical value that health professionals can follow at any time of the day and remotely.

Training courses for physiotherapists, doctors, nurses, chiropodists, ambulance drivers, etc. A successful bet for SantéGuideur and its teams of trainers-designers! VTS Editor has enabled SantéGuideur to reach a very broad spectrum of health professionals and to offer them realistic simulations to work on their skills, knowledge and know-how.

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