Immersive Learning myth n°1, “it still takes time to implement in 2021”

  1 July 2021 |  Léa Renault  Immersive Learning News

Immersive Learning is considered today as a revolution in the field of Digital Learning and offers many advantages to trainers wishing to embark on the adventure. Nevertheless, certain preconceived ideas are still alive and well in 2021, whether it is in terms of price, time required or even the difficulty of setting up such an educational method. That’s why, this year, Serious Factory has the mission of shattering these myths one by one, and convincing you that you too can achieve greatness in Immersive Learning.

What exactly is Immersive Learning?

Immersive Learning is a learning method aiming at immersion during training. This method is revolutionising the world of training in that it combines both theory and practice through simulation in a virtual environment. The technologies used allow the learner to be confronted with a virtual 3D situation that is very close to reality. This technique allows the learner to gain experience and helps them to get used to the different situations and problems they will face in real life.

Immersive Learning offers different formats. They can be used separately as well as combined according to needs and expectations. These include 2D or 3D virtual reality, augmented reality and extended reality.

Will it really take a while to implement it in 2021?

Immersive Learning offers several advantages, such as the ability to train as many times as the learner wishes through real-life situations. They will be able to pass interviews, speak in public, speak a foreign language or manage a team. Immersive Learning projects can seem long and laborious to set up. This may be true of ‘from scratch’ projects, but there are now educational design tools, or authoring tools, that allow you to limit this development time while providing a powerful educational dimension.

Indeed, the speed of design of immersive experiences depends on the technologies used, both in terms of ergonomics and power. Serious Factory takes up the challenge with the authoring software VTS Editor, which allows you to create immersive experiences and behavioural simulators for knowledge retention in record time.

With VTS Editor, the time spent designing is greatly reduced thanks to:
– A fluid and intuitive design by linking intelligent blocks together;
– A wide choice of 3D characters and backgrounds adapted to current business issues;
– Importing media to make your experiences 100% customisable;
– The ability to easily import studio voices and computer-generated voices.