20 February 2019 |  Digital Learning News La rédaction

White paper: The benefits of simulations in Digital Learning: Never the first time on….

Serious Factory's latest white paper highlights how training professionals use Serious Game to develop their learners' skills and also to better engage them through immersion. The objective is to [...]

  9 January 2019 |  Digital Learning News La rédaction

Ensuring access for all to a quality training: a reality in the age of Digital Learning

To place 2019 under the seal of immersion and interactivity in the service of the learning experience, Serious Factory will present its innovations at the Learning Technologies London 2019 on January [...]

  5 November 2018 |  Digital Learning News La rédaction

Transforming pedagogical practices: Illustration with the inverted/reversed class

Technology is transforming our uses and learning methods. New uses are now finding their place in the school. In a world where students are increasingly connected, teaching deploys new pedagogical [...]

  22 October 2018 |  Digital Learning News La rédaction

Safety on construction sites: a major challenge for construction and public works that can be addressed with Digital Learning

With 88,273 workplace accidents in 2016 in the construction sector according to Preventionbtp.com, safety issues are taken very seriously by market players. To meet these expectations, new [...]