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    The Village by Serious Factory exists to allow members of our community to help each other make the most of Virtual Training applications at Suite™ To ensure that this community remains useful to all, please respect the following instructions:

    Rules of good conduct of the Village By Serious Factory

    – Remember the human behind his computer. When you are about to answer another member, always ask yourself, “Would I answer him/her the same thing face-to-face? ».
    – Respect the same standards of online behaviour as you do in real life.
    – Moderate content based on facts, not opinions. A well written content or question can be interesting even if you do not agree with the subject.
    – Use appropriate spelling and grammar.
    – Keep the titles of your subjects free of facts and opinions.
    – Post in the most appropriate category possible.
    – Look for duplicates before posting. Redundant messages do not add anything new to previous conversations. However, sometimes bad timing, bad title or just bad luck can keep an interesting story from being noticed. Feel free to post something again if you think the previous posting didn’t get the attention it deserved and you think you can do better.
    – Report all spam and inappropriate content
    – If you decide to edit content that has already been posted, try to explain the reason for the change.
    – Do not display anyone’s personal information or link to personal information. This includes links to public Facebook pages and screenshots of Facebook pages whose names are always readable. Do not be (intentionally) rude at all. By choosing not to be rude, you increase the general civility of the community and make it better for all of us.