7 July 2021 |  Léa Renault

Sale – what are the key steps?

Serious Factory offers you the possibility to download complete, usable and modular pedagogical scenarios, the Templates – directly usable in VTS Editor.
The “Sales” Template will help you develop the Sales Learner’s Know-How (here in a popular field – mobile telephony), thanks to several buyer profiles.

A coach accompanies the learner, explains the rules of the game and the challenges of the training.

In an access menu, the learner chooses which profile to process.

A system of yellow cards has been created to report synchronization errors with the customer.

Here is the graph of the “Selling” scenario.

The learner is put in a sales situation, faced with the profile of his choice, and must work on synchronizing with the customer in order to succeed in the three key stages of the sale:
– Active listening
– The closing
– The profit sale
In the VTP file of this example, you will find an explanation of the scenario, the pedagogical elements and choices, the key messages as well as technical advice on how to perform the scenario in VTS Editor. Discover what can be done in your domain, retrieve the elements and adapt the content to your needs with VTS Editor!

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