12 November 2019 |  La rédaction

Use the search bar to easily find and replace text content

How it works

We have previously seen how to set shortcuts to go faster. Now let’s look at the search bar and its features. This easy-to-use tool allows you to find any text content in your educational designs and Serious Games.
At any time in VTS Editor, you can use the search bar by clicking on the “Search” icon at the top right.


Once in the “search in the project” interface, simply type in the left bar the text you are looking for, then validate by clicking on “Search”.

A new “Search Result” window appears with the progress of all the blocks where your word in question appears. If you click on the icon where the text you are looking for is located, VTS Editor sends you directly to the block where the selected text content is displayed.


The elements already covered are highlighted to differentiate them from the others. Last but not least, when you find the searched word block, VTS Editor surrounds its exact location.


Go further: directly replace a text element throughout the project

The search bar tool can go further by proposing directly in the “search in the project” interface the possibility to directly replace the typed text element. You have to write the word you want to replace on the left and write the word that replaces it throughout the project on the right. Then click on “Replace” to validate your request.


Good to know

If you want to “Replace” or “Search” a word only in one or more specific blocks, simply select the desired blocks.


Thanks to this new search bar, your end-of-project proofreading will be faster and without risk of error. A significant time saving which, combined with other tips such as shortcuts, will simplify your daily life!