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From feedback to conflict management : When avatars revolutionise soft skills!

Spring 2020, the beginning of COVID-19. Training organisations are facing an unprecedented situation that requires them to rethink their business model in depth, as well as their teaching methods. How can they keep in touch with the learner without being able to meet face-to-face? How can we ensure that digital teaching is truly relevant, effective and appropriate?

In this new White Paper entitled “From feedback to conflict management: when avatars revolutionise soft skills”, find out how Axel Performance has transformed its vision of Blended Learning with a resolutely Immersive approach thanks to VTS Editor and avatars.


Juicy Learning – the 9-step method

Juicy Learning® is a form of Digital Learning. It aims to boost engagement and retention. To do this, Juicy Learning borrows certain codes from video games, including the notion of «juiciness». Juiciness is the quality of a fun and attractive interactive element, and mainly involves visual and audio feedback: animations, rewards, sound effects, etc. The whole thing brings a feeling of satisfaction to the learner. The element in question is then said to be «juicy». Discover in this new White Book how to apply Juicy Learning to your Digital Learning Experiences with these 9 steps.

The benefits of Digital Learning simulation: Never the first time on….

Serious Factory’s latest white paper “The Benefits of Digital Learning Simulation: Never the First Time on…” highlights how training professionals use Serious Game to develop their learners’ skills and also to better involve them through immersion. The objective is to train before facing a real situation for which the learner would not be prepared. Read the testimonials of 10 of our clients on a variety of professional topics and how they successfully use the Virtual Training Suite software solution.

White Paper: 10 myths about Immersive Learning

In Immersive Learning, some preconceived ideas have a hard life. Whether we think they are too expensive, difficult to update, too technical, or even heavy to deploy, some myths remain about the feasibility of Serious Games projects or training simulations. That’s why, here at Serious Factory, we have made it our mission to dispel all these prejudices and offer you a more up-to-date reading of Digital Learning…

Immersive Learning White Paper: the missing link in training

Immersive Learning allows you to train in a simulated and controlled environment to accelerate and amplify your performance in the real world. A major asset in the context of professional training… It is time to discover this white paper to move from theoretical knowledge to controlled and sustainable practice!