20 September 2019 |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Accelerating development time in Digital Learning with VTS Editor: Video testimony from Netforme

Netforme is a training organisation dedicated to the development of a new and high quality pedagogy by exploiting all the potentialities of E-Learning. Its director, Charles Levy, has decided to include Serious Game and 3D simulation experiences designed using VTS Editor in his training offer. Comparative research, first project, support… discover the keys to the success of the implementation of this new offer!


Charles Levy, Director of Netforme

In this interview with Charles Levy, director of Netforme, we discover the different steps that led him to adopt VTS Editor as a reference tool for designing immersive simulations:

  • The search for a powerful and complete tool that allows a fast and autonomous production “I do in one day what I did in one week” ;
  • Support by Serious Factory experts, both in the implementation of the tool and in the advice on methodology and pedagogy ;
  • The realization of his first project for an Apprenticeship Training Centre (CFA) after a selection test gathering many applications.

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