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Statistical feedback: how VTS Perform facilitates the measuring of the effectiveness of skill acquisition

  4 March 2021 |  Léa Renault  Best Practices

Do you want to deploy your Digital Learning modules to a large number of users? It's possible with VTS Perform, the Virtual Training Suite deployment platform. However, VTS Perform means more than deployment: it is a must have tool for monitoring learners' skills. Let’s see how it can be used on [...]

  1 March 2021  |  Léa Renault  Press releases

Serious Factory carried out a “serious game” for Groupe Renault to develop behavioral skills around the world

Serious Factory assists Groupe Renault in digitizing training on the 5 Renault Way [...]

  19 February 2021  |  Léa Renault  Best Practices

Ensuring engagement with gamification, a challenge within everyone’s reach with VTS Editor

How do you ensure learner engagement in your remote learning programmes? This is a major issue for instructional designers when learners are forced to train mainly at a distance and on their own. Using realistic characters and sceneries, creating fun scenarios, integrating a scoring system and [...]

  4 February 2021  |  Léa Renault  Webinars

Webinar replay: From theory to practice… and more!

On Wednesday, February 3, 2021, our experts Thomas Lesueur and Tahir Khan invited you to a 2-hour webinar to design a simple Video Learning project thanks to VTS Editor's BRONZE pack. Would you like to (re)watch this webinar? Here it [...]

  20 January 2021  |  Léa Renault  Interview

In the spotlight: Making e-learning attractive with engaging professional situations

Préva Conseils is a consulting firm and a training organization specialized in the security of people and property that assists companies and individuals in their professional training. Spotlight on their innovative use of Virtual Training Suite to make their e-learning training [...]

  7 January 2021  |  Léa Renault  Serious Factory News

Serious Factory produces the first Virtual Learning platform for Kahler Communication’s Process Communication Model®

Kahler Communications, a specialist in personal development and communication training, has chosen Serious Factory, EdTech's leader in digital learning, to produce PCM Virtual Learning, an interactive virtual learning experience to showcase its model for building positive communication and [...]