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The 6 Perceptions of the Learner: e-Learning via the Process Communication Model® prism

  26 November 2020 |  Julien Kokkinos  Digital Learning News

If you are a trainer or in the HR professions, it is likely that you know or have already heard of the Process Communication Model®. The principle is as simple as it is fundamental: when we talk to each other, we tend to believe that our way of communicating is necessarily adapted to the one of [...]

  20 November 2020  |  Léa Renault  Interview

In the spotlight: Why did Minighetti Consulting choose VTS Editor to design fun health training courses?

Minighetti Consulting, a training organisation specialising in the health sector, was founded 3 years ago with the aim of increasing the skills of health professionals. Philippe Minighetti, its founder, shares with us his success with Virtual Training Suite, and his sound advice on how to create [...]

  12 November 2020  |  Léa Renault  Interview

In the spotlight : How SantéGuideur has been able to adapt to the constraints of medical training with Virtual Training Suite

SantéGuideur is a CPD training organisation. It offers training based on Immersive Learning for all healthcare professionals. In this interview, Jean-Michel Refalo, founder and director of SantéGuideur, explains how he has managed to adapt to the demanding and apparent constraints of the health [...]

  3 November 2020  |  Léa Renault  Press releases

Serious Factory produces a Serious Game for PSA for an immersive training on Lean Management and customer satisfaction

Serious Factory has been chosen by the PSA Group to digitise its “Excellence Method” training. This method, based on Lean Management and the Groupe's Quality approach, has been transposed into a Serious Game to meet the challenges of appropriating and anchoring the good practices applied at the [...]

  27 October 2020  |  Léa Renault  Serious Factory News

White Paper: Juicy Learning® – The 9-step method

Serious Factory's latest white paper highlights the method adapted and advised by our Digital Learning experts to make your Experiences and Serious Games juicy! On the borderline between traditional training and video games, the Experiences created on VTS Editor allow you to strongly engage the [...]

  23 October 2020  |  Léa Renault  Serious Factory News

Cartoon characters are coming to VTS Editor!

VTS Editor allows you to create Immersive Learning Experiences thanks to its realistic characters and 2D/360° sceneries. But VTS Editor allows you to do much more. Discover now a new type of character: cartoon [...]