12 November 2018 |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Developing good practices for managers: Video Testimony of Learning Concept

The weaknesses in the skills of intermediate managers have repercussions at all levels of the company: absenteeism, social problems, turnover, low productivity, stress, even burn-out… The application of knowledge is therefore necessary to control these situations and be operational quickly. In the current situation, what better way to address these issues than with the Serious Game?
Learning Concept, a specialist in the development of middle management skills, now integrates Serious Factory’s innovative pedagogical solutions for fast, fair and relevant training for managers. Nathalie VASSEUR, General Manager, tells us about her experience.

Learning Concept shares its experience of continuous improvement of managers’ performance


In this video, Nathalie VASSEUR explains to us how the integration of the authoring software VTS Editor into the company’s e-Learning content production strategy has facilitated the design of interactive and entertaining scenarios, such as Serious Games. Learning Concept has seen the positive impact on its customers:

– To make employees want to train regularly;
– Find a quick solution (10 minutes maximum per module), effective (concrete answers, no theory), and adapted to the field issues (to each situation, its answer);
– Make training situations realistic with quality virtual characters and immersive environments;
– Simulate all the situations faced by a manager (reframing interview, motivating an employee in case of failure, developing confidence to work in a team, etc.);
– To have access to good managerial practices 24/7, in self-service accessible everywhere.


Thanks to the authoring software VTS Editor, Learning Concept is “completely autonomous to create and modify its modules. The company has more than 40 of them today on the theme of management and is in the process of translating them into different languages, different contexts, which is particularly easy with VTS Editor.“.


If you also want to take advantage of the benefits of VTS Editor, download our free trial version.