12 November 2018 |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU

The reversed classroom at hand with VTS Editor: Testimony of the IUT Paris Descartes

Following the INNOV’ACTION day on June 4th, Serious Factory offers you an authentic feedback: that of the students of the class of the IUT Techniques de Commercialisation de Paris Descartes. Through this testimony, they explain the benefits of the reversed class and the relevance of an authoring tool like VTS Editor in its implementation.

“Reversed class”, innovation by changing posture

It is sometimes said that “the best way to learn is to teach! “so why not give students the opportunity to teach their peers themselves?

The concept of the reversed class was invented by a teacher who wanted to make his students active in their teaching. This pedagogical innovation boosts teaching methods for better learning. It allows the student to discover the notions at home, through digital or physical media, then to debate them in class before practising in groups. The teacher, on the other hand, takes the place of a coach and advises the students while valuing their work and then ensures that everyone progresses correctly at their own pace.

This is what has been implemented in this class at the IUT Paris Descartes: Materialization of the knowledge of the job interview via virtual simulation, exchanges within the classroom to improve the systems, intervention of professionals to coach the students, then general evaluation of the project by a jury of experts.


The relevant use of simulation in education

These new learning methods are based in part on technology and digital technology. The democratization of PCs, tablets and smartphones makes it easier for students and teachers to communicate, exchange or challenge each other.

Virtual simulation makes sense in this context of knowledge appropriation. It allows to put into practice notions or concepts that are sometimes complex for a large number of students at the same time. Serious Factory develops this approach with an authoring software like VTS Editor. It facilitates the implementation of simulation in the classroom and allows students to express themselves freely on any theme while promoting their commitment thanks to the gamified dimension of the simulators.


If you also want to set up the reversed class in your school, you can download the trial version of the VTS Editor free of charge at the following link: