12 November 2018 |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Pedagogical innovation for teaching with the authoring software VTS Editor : ORT video testimony

A true actor in pedagogical innovation in the service of education, ORT, a group of 7 schools in France, has created more than 40 immersive simulations using the authoring software VTS Editor. These simulators, designed by ORT teachers, enable BTS students in optics and eyewear to practice their future professions under realistic and relevant conditions. This innovative and unique pedagogy engages learners more in their continuing education with the appropriate use of digital tablets and virtual reality headsets.

Thierry Sebagh, Director General of ORT, testifies to the interest of an innovative pedagogy within its schools


Through this interview, Thierry Sebagh describes to us the many advantages of working with the authoring software VTS Editor as well as the benefits for learners using immersive pedagogical devices in their training :
– Develop automation and good practices to make learners more operational and efficient in their future job;
– Prepare learners to deal with situations they may encounter in a professional context;
– Immerse and involve learners more fully in their training with Ipad training simulators and virtual reality helmets;
– Gamify teaching to make it more attractive by integrating teachers into the pedagogical project;
– Unite the teams around a common project and have them build together effective scenarios adapted to the pedagogical objectives with VTS Editor.


Thanks to the authoring software VTS Editor, ORT stands out from other institutions with an innovative and relevant pedagogical approach, and develops its attractiveness to its learners. Thierry Sebagh also adds that “VTS Editor appears to be the ideal technological solution with real pedagogical and technical support on the project, in collaboration with the experts at Serious Factory. »
Given the success with both teachers and learners, ORT is already planning to go further by creating new scenarios in the field of dentistry and digital prosthetics where the use of virtual headsets will make it possible to repeat gestures and automatisms. Another application case considered: trade and management….


If you also want to integrate VTS Editor into your pedagogy, download our free trial version.