7 July 2021 |  Léa Renault

Safety in the construction industry

Serious Factory offers you the possibility to download complete, usable and modular pedagogical scenarios, the Templates – directly usable in VTS Editor.

For the “Construction” experience, it is a question of developing the learner’s know-how: What are the good safety practices required to be qualified to work on sites?

The learner visits a workplace, the construction site. The learner’s role is to be an observer to verify and give good safety practices to employees in order to make them all work safely. Many traps will have to be found throughout the day of the visit (in the form of missions) so that each character in the scenario can work without risk…

Download and use the “Construction” scenario in VTS Editor. This comprehensive pedagogical scenario is an example in the development of “know-how”. You are free to expand it in VTS Editor to use it or adapt it to your needs.

Download and train with the “Construction” scenario in the free VTS Player application. Repeated training allows learners to gain automation in good technical safety practices to be able to work safely on a site.

Finally, don’t forget to download our user manual Know-how – Construction Industry – Monitor the safety of employees on a construction site. This complete guide analyses all the important points (objectives, scenario construction and adapting this Template to your needs) in order to help you understand and make your scenarios even more relevant more quickly.


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