12 November 2018 |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Anchoring skills through Serious Game: Doddy Conseil’s video testimony

Doddy Conseil is a training organization specialized in marketing, management and communication led by Wilfried Adikpeto. Through this Success Story, he tells us how the Serious Game helps to anchor the practices learned during classroom training.

Wilfried Adikpeto, President of Doddy Conseil, explains the interest of Serious Game in its face-to-face training offer

In this interview, Wilfried Adikepto explains to us through concrete examples the importance of ensuring a post-training follow-up to anchor the practices learned.

The traditional face-to-face format mainly allows for an understanding and mastery of theoretical knowledge. Thereafter, workshops and exercises between trainees allow to initiate the practical mastery, but in an ephemeral way. Indeed, a few days of training is not enough for a lasting anchoring. This is the added value of 3D simulation and digital Serious Game for Doddy Conseil. The possibility to follow learners continuously and to allow training in specific situations adapted to the learners’ uses.

Doddy Conseil intends to allow its learners to manage their own skills development and training managers to follow and even reward this development thanks to our VTS Perform platform.

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