12 November 2018 |  La rédaction

Be familiar with the shortcuts of VTS Editor to design more quickly

The use of keyboard shortcuts can save a considerable amount of time. Indeed, according to a company article Brainscape, a person can save up to 2 seconds per minute of design. With 420 minutes per day and an average of 240 working days per year, we achieve a time saving of 64 hours of design in one year! Let’s discover together in this trick at the moment the main shortcuts used in VTS Editor.


How it works ?

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts that allows faster navigation in the graph of your scenario construction.


Shortcut of the main menu
These shortcuts allow faster access to actions in the main menu.

– Esc to open the main menu and close some pop-ups.
– CTRL + S to Save your project when you are not in automatic save mode (can be activated in the main menu)


Editing shortcuts
These standard shortcuts are used to duplicate, replicate or cancel actions performed on VTS Editor.

– CTRL + C to copy an item to the VTS Editor clipboard.
– CTRL + V to paste an element copied into the graph.
– CTRL + Z to undo the last action performed on VTS Editor.
– CTRL + Y to repeat the last action undone on VTS Editor.


Organization shortcuts
These shortcuts allow easier navigation in the graph and better layout of the graph.

– F key To center the graph on your blocks.
– CTRL + R to reorganize the graph.


– End key: Find the end of your graph.
– Start key: Find the beginning block of its graph.
– CTRL + N to create a note or post-it.
– CTRL + G to group blocks together. Block groups are used in repetitive actions in the scenario, for example 4 blocks make a phone ring and this phone rings several times in a scenario. Group them together and then copy and paste the group into the different places in the scenario!


– SHIFT + G to unbundle a group of blocks
– Double left click on the graph to open a small library of ordered blocks according to the last used.


– Alt + Moving a clickable area: Removes the “auto snap” (or automatic alignment), a system that helps to position your clickable areas by automatically aligning them with the axes drawn on the screen.


Shortcuts to create links between your blocks.
These shortcuts allow you to simplify the design of your scenarios more quickly by creating links between blocks.

– Hold SHIFT + Left click on an input and move the mouse over all the outputs you want to link.


– Hold Shift + Left click on a block to create a link from that block, you can then link it to any other block.


– Hold Shift + Left click from a block with several outputs to connect each output to a different input.


– Hold CTRL + Left click on an output and go through all the blocks you want to connect.


Save design time to focus on scriptwriting and pedagogy

The authoring software VTS Editor has been designed to make the design as fluid as possible, in order to save time for scriptwriting and gamification aspects.
If you want more advice and design tips on the authoring software VTS Editor, go to our regularly updated tutorial page!