12 November 2018 |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Configure the emotions of your virtual characters

Knowing is good. But know-how is better. Today, mastery of skills and behavioural knowledge has become essential to develop the skills of its employees. With our authoring software VTS Editor, you can design behavioral simulators quickly and easily. Did you know that you can also configure the emotions of your virtual characters?
VTS editor tristeesse emotion


Thanks to the “Emotions” bloc, you can configure the facial emotions of your virtual characters. This bloc allows you to define the emotional posture of your interlocutors in order to work on the unsaid in a conversation.

In real life, through facial expression, emotions related to our mood or caused by a certain event give an indication of our instantaneous state to those around us. In a simulation performed with VTS Editor, the same is true! We have integrated 5 basic emotions that are useful during an interaction. In these emotions, we find joy, anger, sadness, fear or indecision, whose intensity can vary on a scale from 1 to 3.

In a simulation, integrating emotions into your characters in real time will allow you to give indications to your learners about the sequence process. Indeed, if we take the example of a sales situation where you would be confronted with a dissatisfied customer and, as your conversation progresses, your virtual customer’s expression would soften to give way to a smile, we could imagine that you would be on the right track.


emotion 2 joy


This feature will also offer the learner a more intense and realistic immersion. In the same example, if the client becomes undecided as a result of your choice of questions, you could then see this through his facial expressions, thus providing an additional pedagogical value. Practising this type of situation virtually as close as possible to your daily life will then help you to better manage a similar situation in reality.

The emotions of your characters will add even more realism to your Digital Learning training, while developing your learners’ behavioural skills.


emotion 1 anger


Find these new characters in the brand new version of VTS Editor, available very soon !