28 April 2022 |  Best Practices Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Sophie Bernard talks about the vocalization of your projects designed with VTS Editor

Vocalization is a key step in the design of a digital learning project. In this article, we answer the most frequently asked questions regarding this subject and give you some advice for a [...]

  2 March 2022 |  Best Practices Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Julian Fremaux tells us about 360° Sceneries in VTS Editor

In our quest to immerse the learner in the digital training courses carried out with VTS Editor, the 360° sceneries are an important and fun asset which, when used wisely, allows the player to be [...]

  21 February 2022 |  Best Practices Rudy GUILLONNEAU

How to adopt the 9-point methodology

Serious Factory's 9-points instructional design methodology has been developed and updated as VTS Editor and the possibilities offered by our software solution evolve. This method is the result of [...]

  20 January 2022 |  Best Practices Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Julian Fremaux tells us about Emotions in VTS Editor

The primary objective of training is to transmit knowledge in order to help the learner develop a skill. For this objective to be met, the learner must be involved as much as possible in his [...]

  11 May 2021 |  Best Practices Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Blended Learning: The ingredients for a successful training course with VTS Editor

Blended Learning is already a several years old teaching methodology. Although it has tended to soar over the last 5 years, it was the health crisis that really shook up these changes by leading [...]

  29 April 2021 |  Best Practices Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Bronze Pack: all our tips for creating a differentiating and engaging educational programme

VTS Editor is the authoring software that allows you to move into active Digital Learning! Thanks to the learning modules designed on the software, learners acquire the knowledge and develop the [...]

  25 March 2021 |  Best Practices Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Digital Learning: key points for your digital transformation

The health constraints that the world has had to face through the Covid-19 pandemic have greatly contributed to the development of Digital Learning. This clear evolution of digital learning is [...]

  4 March 2021 |  Best Practices Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Statistical feedback: how VTS Perform facilitates the measuring of the effectiveness of skill acquisition

Do you want to deploy your Digital Learning modules to a large number of users? It's possible with VTS Perform, the Virtual Training Suite deployment platform. However, VTS Perform means more than [...]

  19 February 2021 |  Best Practices Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Ensuring engagement with gamification, a challenge within everyone’s reach with VTS Editor

How do you ensure learner engagement in your remote learning programmes? This is a major issue for instructional designers when learners are forced to train mainly at a distance and on their own. [...]

  6 April 2018 |  Best Practices Rudy GUILLONNEAU

6 tips to effectively customise your Digital Learning modules using variables

Using variables in Digital Learning modules opens the possibility to personalise the learners' experiences and promote their engagement. For example: Name, age, occupation, modules already played and [...]