: Construction
  22 October 2018  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Digital Learning News

Safety on construction sites: a major challenge for construction and public works that can be addressed with Digital Learning

With 88,273 workplace accidents in 2016 in the construction sector according to Preventionbtp.com, safety issues are taken very seriously by market players. To meet these expectations, new regulations and measures are regularly taken: better adapted equipment, increased risk prevention on [...]

  22 October 2018  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Interview

Interview with Benjamin Laroche: How can Digital Learning help risk prevention in the construction industry evolve?

CSR managers face many training challenges in the construction sector, particularly highlighted by the Horizon 2020plan. Indeed, high turnover implies regular training needs and above all adapted to learners' needs. Benjamin Laroche, Digital Learning expert at Serious Factory, explains in this [...]

  27 September 2018  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Playable scenario

Example of an immersive simulation in the construction field: Serious Game Zero Risk!

Serious Factory offers you a complete experience in the field of construction: Zero risk. Learning the basics of safety on construction sites has never been so much [...]