29 April 2022 |  Digital Learning News Rudy GUILLONNEAU

A better start for proficient learners by Hélène LARMOIRE

Instructional designer- What if the quality of our training, both professional and personal, was not based on the use of the latest app, technology or more games but on a backdoor path with two [...]

  28 April 2022 |  Best Practices Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Sophie Bernard talks about the vocalization of your projects designed with VTS Editor

Vocalization is a key step in the design of a digital learning project. In this article, we answer the most frequently asked questions regarding this subject and give you some advice for a [...]

  21 April 2022 |  Serious Factory News Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Julian Fremaux talks about VR sceneries in VTS Editor

Following the previous article on 360° settings, it was obvious that we would then talk about Virtual Reality (VR). For a complete and total immersion of the learner in your scenario, there is [...]

  20 April 2022 |  Digital Learning News Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Serious Factory deploys Virtual Training Stack, the platform for resources and tools to help with instructional design

Serious Factory's mission is based on three essential words: “Empower the Trainer”. As such, the leading company in learning innovation is continuing its course of action by deploying its new [...]