12 May 2022 |  Digital Learning News Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Interview: Omexom’s (VINCI Energies) successful bet to promote and bring business knowledge to learners in the energy sector

Omexom is the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to energy infrastructure. In order to be identified as an expert in the field of energy and to ensure a permanent quality service to its customers, it has [...]

  29 April 2022 |  Digital Learning News Rudy GUILLONNEAU

A better start for proficient learners by Hélène LARMOIRE

Instructional designer- What if the quality of our training, both professional and personal, was not based on the use of the latest app, technology or more games but on a backdoor path with two [...]

  20 April 2022 |  Digital Learning News Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Serious Factory deploys Virtual Training Stack, the platform for resources and tools to help with instructional design

Serious Factory's mission is based on three essential words: “Empower the Trainer”. As such, the leading company in learning innovation is continuing its course of action by deploying its new [...]

  4 February 2022 |  Digital Learning News William PERES

William Peres talks about equal opportunities through digital training

Vocational training is highly legislated. It is even a legal obligation that gives each of us the opportunity to acquire skills in order to be able to constantly evolve, on the one hand, and to [...]

  27 January 2022 |  Digital Learning News Rudy GUILLONNEAU

The 7 benefits of virtual characters in Digital Learning

Nowadays, the success of learning is largely based on social aspects. For the transmission, acquisition and development of skills to be there, there must be interaction, communication, negotiation [...]

  17 June 2021 |  Digital Learning News Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Minimalism, a good idea for your Digital Learning training path in 2021?

Advanced graphics, animations, interactivity... We tend to think that professional training needs a high level of media to be attractive, engaging and memorable for the learner. What if the opposite [...]

  28 May 2021 |  Digital Learning News Rudy GUILLONNEAU

The challenges of training with virtual simulation in 2021

In 2019, Serious Factory published the white paper "Never the first time..." which highlighted how professionals from all sectors of activity use Digital Learning to train learners with real virtual [...]

  20 May 2021 |  Digital Learning News Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Neuropedagogy: Increase the effectiveness of distance learning with VTS Editor

New technologies have revolutionised our daily lives. Over the years, the way we consume information has greatly evolved. So has the way we integrate and memorise it. It is therefore natural that [...]

  11 May 2021 |  Best Practices Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Blended Learning: The ingredients for a successful training course with VTS Editor

Blended Learning is already a several years old teaching methodology. Although it has tended to soar over the last 5 years, it was the health crisis that really shook up these changes by leading [...]

  29 April 2021 |  Best Practices Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Bronze Pack: all our tips for creating a differentiating and engaging educational programme

VTS Editor is the authoring software that allows you to move into active Digital Learning! Thanks to the learning modules designed on the software, learners acquire the knowledge and develop the [...]