17 June 2021 |  Digital Learning News Léa Renault

Minimalism, a good idea for your Digital Learning training path in 2021?

Advanced graphics, animations, interactivity... We tend to think that professional training needs a high level of media to be attractive, engaging and memorable for the learner. What if the opposite [...]

  28 May 2021 |  Digital Learning News Léa Renault

The challenges of training with virtual simulation in 2021

In 2019, Serious Factory published the white paper "Never the first time..." which highlighted how professionals from all sectors of activity use Digital Learning to train learners with real virtual [...]

  20 May 2021 |  Digital Learning News Léa Renault

Neuropedagogy: Increase the effectiveness of distance learning with VTS Editor

New technologies have revolutionised our daily lives. Over the years, the way we consume information has greatly evolved. So has the way we integrate and memorise it. It is therefore natural that [...]

  11 May 2021 |  Best Practices Léa Renault

Blended Learning: The ingredients for a successful training course with VTS Editor

Blended Learning is already a several years old teaching methodology. Although it has tended to soar over the last 5 years, it was the health crisis that really shook up these changes by leading [...]

  29 April 2021 |  Best Practices Léa Renault

Bronze Pack: all our tips for creating a differentiating and engaging educational programme

VTS Editor is the authoring software that allows you to move into active Digital Learning! Thanks to the learning modules designed on the software, learners acquire the knowledge and develop the [...]

  22 April 2021 |  Digital Learning News Léa Renault

The benefits of Video Learning in training

Video is a learning medium that is very present in our daily lives. Indeed, more than 80% of people use major video platforms such as YouTube to develop our knowledge. Video is also widely used in [...]

  18 March 2021 |  Digital Learning News Léa Renault

Serious Games in 2021: The uses you might think of

The Covid19 pandemic has created many upheavals and changes for everyone. All areas of our daily lives have changed, if we only mention the business sector and the world of education. This is the [...]

  19 February 2021 |  Best Practices Léa Renault

Ensuring engagement with gamification, a challenge within everyone’s reach with VTS Editor

How do you ensure learner engagement in your remote learning programmes? This is a major issue for instructional designers when learners are forced to train mainly at a distance and on their own. [...]

  26 November 2020 |  Digital Learning News Julien Kokkinos

The 6 Perceptions of the Learner: e-Learning via the Process Communication Model® prism

If you are a trainer or in the HR professions, it is likely that you know or have already heard of the Process Communication Model®. The principle is as simple as it is fundamental: when we talk to [...]

  15 January 2020 |  Digital Learning News La rédaction

How to succeed in storytelling your digital learning scenario

An adapted and efficient e-Learning pedagogical scripting, relevant 3D characters, quality graphics... here are some of the elements that make your storytelling a success for relevant and value-added [...]