29 April 2022 |  Digital Learning News Léa Renault

A better start for proficient learners by Hélène LARMOIRE

Instructional designer- What if the quality of our training, both professional and personal, was not based on the use of the latest app, technology or more games but on a backdoor path with two [...]

  20 April 2022 |  Digital Learning News Léa Renault

Serious Factory deploys Virtual Training Stack, the platform for resources and tools to help with instructional design

Serious Factory's mission is based on three essential words: “Empower the Trainer”. As such, the leading company in learning innovation is continuing its course of action by deploying its new [...]

  15 March 2022 |  Immersive Learning News Léa Renault

Training simulation: the shortest path between digital and field experience

In order to guarantee a good operational implementation, whether in terms of Soft Skills or for the realization of technical moves, training simulation has been essential for many years as being the [...]

  22 July 2021 |  Immersive Learning News Léa Renault

Immersive Learning myth n°4, “it’s hard to update”

We saw earlier why companies might be reluctant to implement Immersive Learning in their training offering. If the preconceived ideas about design and implementation are tenacious, what about the [...]

  15 July 2021 |  Immersive Learning News Léa Renault

Immersive Learning myth n°3, “it’s not effective”

We have seen in our previous articles that Immersive Learning is not necessarily expensive or difficult to implement. And yet, one of the most difficult obstacles remains the question of the [...]

  8 July 2021 |  Immersive Learning News Léa Renault

Immersive Learning myth n°2, “it’s expensive!”

What are the reasons for some companies to outsource the design of their Immersive learning content? Well, one of these obstacles is the price. Today Serious Factory tackles the second preconceived [...]

  1 July 2021 |  Immersive Learning News Léa Renault

Immersive Learning myth n°1, “it still takes time to implement in 2021”

Immersive Learning is considered today as a revolution in the field of Digital Learning and offers many advantages to trainers wishing to embark on the adventure. Nevertheless, certain preconceived [...]

  28 May 2021 |  Digital Learning News Léa Renault

The challenges of training with virtual simulation in 2021

In 2019, Serious Factory published the white paper "Never the first time..." which highlighted how professionals from all sectors of activity use Digital Learning to train learners with real virtual [...]

  17 June 2020 |  Immersive Learning News Léa Renault

Virtual Training Suite 5.0:
Commitment and learning fun at the heart of the success of your digital training courses

After 3 intense weeks of teasing, the 5.0 version of the Virtual Training Suite software solution has finally arrived! This new version represents a new step in the development of Virtual Training [...]

  30 January 2020 |  Immersive Learning News La rédaction

In the spotlight: promoting professional integration with the introduction of innovative educational tools

Digital Cocoon is a laboratory school created 3 years ago with one motivation: to make their students in professional reconversion gain self-confidence and find innovative solutions to their problems [...]