7 November 2018 |  Market data Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Serious Factory achieved 66.5% growth in 2018 and currently Number 206 in the Frenchweb500 2018 ranking.

With a record growth of + 66.5% in the first half of 2018, Serious Factory confirms their disruptive positioning in training and continues to expand internationally. This acceleration gives Serious [...]

  22 October 2018 |  Interview Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Interview with Benjamin Laroche: How can Digital Learning help risk prevention in the construction industry evolve?

CSR managers face many training challenges in the construction sector, particularly highlighted by the Horizon 2020plan. Indeed, high turnover implies regular training needs and above all adapted to [...]

  28 September 2018 |  Market data Rudy GUILLONNEAU

6 key factors to choose the best authoring tool in Digital Learning

Authoring software has successfully met the needs of companies wishing to internalize their production of Digital Learning content. These make it possible to offer their learners personalised and [...]

  17 August 2016 |  Market data Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Key figures: What use of eLearning for sales training?

72% of companies were able to effectively deliver training to sales employee via eLearning. This number shows us the growing impact of e-Learning in sales training. Since the first training sessions [...]