21 June 2019 |  Serious Factory News Léa Renault

Why a new version of Virtual Training Suite by Yannick Audéoud, Product Owner at Serious Factory

Yannick Audéoud, Product Owner of Virtual Training Suite, explains how VTS Editor 4.0 allows you to create even more immersive and educational scenarios easier and quicker than the previous versions [...]

  14 June 2019 |  Serious Factory News Léa Renault

Customize further your Serious Games with the arrival of VTS Editor’s 4.0 version!

Serious Factory announced on June 6th, at its Immersive Learning Time event, the arrival of the new version of the authoring software VTS Editor. This new version entitled 4.0 represents a new step [...]

  10 June 2019 |  Serious Factory News La rédaction

Serious Factory perpetuates professional knowledge with Virtual Training Suite 4.0

Leader in digital learning solutions, Serious Factory is launching version 4.0 of Virtual Training Suite, which allows organizations of all sizes to create and deploy training simulators. Among the [...]

  4 June 2019 |  Serious Factory News Léa Renault

Serious Factory and Thales Group partner up to create Serious Games for the purpose of Immersive Learning around HSE politics

June 4th 2019, Paris – Serious Factory implemented an innovative co-construction approach with Thales Group in order to ease the design of realistic 3D simulations. Through an agile design process, [...]

  3 June 2019 |  Serious Factory News Léa Renault

Virtual Training Suite Tutored Sales Presentation: A Demonstration for Learning

Serious Factory offers you the opportunity to explore the different software of Virtual Training Suite through a scenario - available here - which will immerse you in an interactive and educational [...]