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  22 October 2018  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Edtech

Serious Factory awarded at the 2018 Digital Excellence Awards for its innovations in Education

In partnership with the Lycée Polyvalent Albert de Mun, Serious Factory won first prize in the "Digital Learning Excellence Awards" in the Education category. This award is a perfect example of best practices for easily implementing the reverse class using VTS Editor authoring software and virtual [...]

  22 October 2018  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Serious Factory News

Serious Factory participates in the #rmsconf contest to democratize 3D simulation for Human Resources

Serious Factory participates in the #rmsconf contest with its authoring software VTS Editor. Its promises are simple: The creation of 3D educational content such as Serious Game without technical or graphic skills. And to democratize 3D simulation, one thing to do: vote for Serious Factory and its [...]

  10 October 2018  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Events

Rmsconf: 1 minute to convince a jury about the efficiency of Virtual Training Suite for your HR policy

Thanks to your support and votes, Serious Factory was a finalist for the must-see #Rmsconf! The final of the event brought together many professionals from the world of human resources around the theme: "Work or Employment, who will win? ». It was also an opportunity for Serious Factory to present [...]