23 December 2020 |  Client case Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Interview with Fabula Games, the official DACH Distributor of Virtual Training Suite

The Serious Games and gaming solutions of Fabula Games provide fun and sustainable training in almost all areas of the company. Inspired by topical subjects, Fabula Games' "Universales-Games" are [...]

  29 March 2018 |  Client case Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Serious Factory and BPI Group co-design behavioural simulations to develop technical and soft skills through training

Serious Factory, a pioneer in innovative educational solutions, and BPI Group, a leader in human resources consulting, have established a partnership to offer their clients innovative educational [...]

  13 April 2017 |  Client case Rudy GUILLONNEAU

Serious Factory and Manpower France are co-constructing innovative educational tools with the VTS Editor authoring software

In order to easily and simply design realistic simulations, Serious Factory has implemented an innovative co-construction approach with Manpower France. Using an agile design process, Manpower's [...]