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Interview: Omexom’s (VINCI Energies) successful bet to promote and bring business knowledge to learners in the energy sector

  12 May 2022 |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Digital Learning News

Omexom is the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to energy infrastructure. In order to be identified as an expert in the field of energy and to ensure a permanent quality service to its customers, it has launched a global training approach dedicated to promoting the sharing and transfer of technical [...]

  2 March 2022  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Best Practices

Julian Fremaux tells us about 360° Sceneries in VTS Editor

In our quest to immerse the learner in the digital training courses carried out with VTS Editor, the 360° sceneries are an important and fun asset which, when used wisely, allows the player to be more and more involved in the universe that you’ve set up. We will therefore see in this article [...]

  21 February 2022  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Best Practices

How to adopt the 9-point methodology

Serious Factory's 9-points instructional design methodology has been developed and updated as VTS Editor and the possibilities offered by our software solution evolve. This method is the result of many customer projects and, like the pirate code, should be a guide more than a rulebook. It should [...]

  4 February 2022  |  William PERES  Digital Learning News

William Peres talks about equal opportunities through digital training

Vocational training is highly legislated. It is even a legal obligation that gives each of us the opportunity to acquire skills in order to be able to constantly evolve, on the one hand, and to guarantee our employability, on the other. Each of us should be able to evolve during our professional [...]

  27 January 2022  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Digital Learning News

The 7 benefits of virtual characters in Digital Learning

Nowadays, the success of learning is largely based on social aspects. For the transmission, acquisition and development of skills to be there, there must be interaction, communication, negotiation and sharing. Nevertheless, learning cannot take place without the emotional and cognitive facets. The [...]

  20 January 2022  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Best Practices

Julian Fremaux tells us about Emotions in VTS Editor

The primary objective of training is to transmit knowledge in order to help the learner develop a skill. For this objective to be met, the learner must be involved as much as possible in his training. There are many elements that can foster such engagement. Serious Factory emphasizes realism in [...]

  18 January 2022  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Serious Factory News

Firme VisionÈre, recognized in Canada for its innovative HSE management chooses Virtual Training Suite to accelerate its 4.0 offer

Serious Factory continues its development in Canada, by sealing a strategic partnership with Firme VisionÈre. By choosing Virtual Training Suite, the Consulting firm develops and deploys immersive and interactive training solutions in the area of ​​Health, Safety and [...]