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Interview: Omexom’s (VINCI Energies) successful bet to promote and bring business knowledge to learners in the energy sector

  12 May 2022 |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Digital Learning News

Omexom is the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to energy infrastructure. In order to be identified as an expert in the field of energy and to ensure a permanent quality service to its customers, it has launched a global training approach dedicated to promoting the sharing and transfer of technical [...]

  19 January 2017  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  VTS Editor news

Serious Factory is pleased to announce the release of the 2.2 version of its VTS Editor authoring software

Suresnes, 19 January 2017 – Serious Factory announces that the version 2.2 of VTS Editor, its authoring software for the design of value-added Digital Learning devices (immersive Serious Games, realistic simulations) is now available. Fully answering the needs of training and HR organizations [...]

  15 November 2016  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Serious Factory News

Serious Factory elected HR start-up of 2016 at Digital Heroes Day

Serious Factory was awarded the prize for HR start-up of 2016 by Human Resources and business training professionals on 8th November! The trophy was awarded to Serious Factory as part of Digital Heroes Day organised by PeopleDoc and Le Lab RH. They received it in recognition for their authoring [...]

  12 September 2016  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  VTS Editor news

Serious Factory revisits behavioural training with version 2.1 of VTS Editor™, its authoring software

Serious Factory launches version 2.1 of VTS Editor, its authoring software that allows you to create training simulators for Digital Learning.  Among the many additions and improvements in this version, we now notice the availability of the Mac version of the software, or the manual and precise [...]

  17 August 2016  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Market data

Key figures: What use of eLearning for sales training?

72% of companies were able to effectively deliver training to sales employee via eLearning. This number shows us the growing impact of e-Learning in sales training. Since the first training sessions in the 60s, technology has greatly advanced, allowing the optimization of training solutions. [...]

  25 April 2016  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  VTS Editor news

Serious Factory announces the release of its VTS Editor™ authoring software, designed to develop training simulators

Suresnes, 26 April 2016 - After an intensive industrialization phase with its customers and partners, Serious Factory is releasing the authoring version of its Virtual Training Suite™ (VTS) software. Aimed at instructional designers, e-learning project managers and training consultants, this [...]