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  28 September 2021  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Serious Factory News

VTS Editor 6.0: the design experience at the heart of educational innovation

VTS Editor is updated to version 6.0! This new version gives you access to numerous optimisations and exclusive new features, for an ever more advanced design of your training simulations and unrivalled working comfort. Let's discover these [...]

  21 July 2021  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Press releases

Microsoft and Serious Factory enter into a commercial partnership

Serious Factory has obtained Co-Sell Ready status from Microsoft for its VTS Editor software to meet the needs of the global digital learning [...]

  15 July 2021  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Immersive Learning News

Immersive Learning myth n°3, “it’s not effective”

We have seen in our previous articles that Immersive Learning is not necessarily expensive or difficult to implement. And yet, one of the most difficult obstacles remains the question of the effectiveness of this type of training. Let's take a closer look at the third myth of Immersive Learning: [...]

  1 July 2021  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Immersive Learning News

Immersive Learning myth n°1, “it still takes time to implement in 2021”

Immersive Learning is considered today as a revolution in the field of Digital Learning and offers many advantages to trainers wishing to embark on the adventure. Nevertheless, certain preconceived ideas are still alive and well in 2021, whether it is in terms of price, time required or even the [...]

  29 June 2021  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU 

Afterwork – Empower The Learner

For the release of version 6.0 of Virtual Training Suite, Serious Factory is organising an AfterWork on Tuesday 29 June from 5.30 pm to 9 pm CEST to discuss the new features of the suite. For more information, contact us:   [...]

  17 June 2021  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Digital Learning News

Minimalism, a good idea for your Digital Learning training path in 2021?

Advanced graphics, animations, interactivity... We tend to think that professional training needs a high level of media to be attractive, engaging and memorable for the learner. What if the opposite was also true in 2021? Let's take a look at minimalism in Digital [...]

  14 June 2021  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU 

Demonstration and debate – Serious Factory participates in the Genius of Digital Learning by ILDI online event

This event will be held in French   From June 14 to June 18, the 100% digital event Genius of Digital Learning by ILDI will be held. Serious Factory will be there and invites you to attend a debate on Digital Learning and On-boarding on June 14 from 10:30am CEST, followed by a demonstration of [...]

  28 May 2021  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Digital Learning News

The challenges of training with virtual simulation in 2021

In 2019, Serious Factory published the white paper "Never the first time..." which highlighted how professionals from all sectors of activity use Digital Learning to train learners with real virtual simulations, aiming to develop skills and get them as involved as possible in their training. 2 [...]

  20 May 2021  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Digital Learning News

Neuropedagogy: Increase the effectiveness of distance learning with VTS Editor

New technologies have revolutionised our daily lives. Over the years, the way we consume information has greatly evolved. So has the way we integrate and memorise it. It is therefore natural that training is being transformed and that new learning and teaching methods must be considered by [...]

  11 May 2021  |  Rudy GUILLONNEAU  Best Practices

Blended Learning: The ingredients for a successful training course with VTS Editor

Blended Learning is already a several years old teaching methodology. Although it has tended to soar over the last 5 years, it was the health crisis that really shook up these changes by leading companies to review the way they train their learners. Today, Blended Learning seems to have a bright [...]